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In July 2005, Sandy Bay Historical Society was awarded a Documentary Heritage Grant from the Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board to create an inventory of Rockport’s historical documents and plan for their long-term
preservation. Organizations participating in the Rockport Archives Project include the Rockport Public Library, Town Clerk’s office, Selectmen’s office, First Baptist Church, First Unitarian Universalist Church, First Congregational Church, Pigeon Cove Chapel, and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

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Rockport Archives Project
The Old Castle in Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts. Built in 1711.

One of the most important results of the grant is the Guide To Documentary Resources for Rockport’s historical collections. Compiling names and locations of hundreds of town records, personal manuscripts, genealogical papers, deeds, business and church records, published monographs, and other historical and archival documents, the guide helps researchers to access a wealth of records documenting the history of Rockport and her families.


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