Records of Businesses and Organizations


Records of Businesses and Organizations

Bradley Brothers Records(Shipbuilding and Shipping) 1831-1901
Cape Ann Granite Company Records 1831-1897
Company of Mechanic Riflemen Records 1839-1847
GAR, Otis W. Wallace Post Records 1887-1928
Lanesville Granite Company Records 1832-1892
Lanesville Universalist Sewing Circle 1865-1903
Massachusetts State Guard Records 1916-61
Methodist Episcopal Church Records 1873-1880
Pigeon Hill Granite Company Records 1878-1929
Proprietors’ Schoolhouse Records 1797-1854
Rockport Fire Department 1845-1885
Rockport Granite Company Records 1864-1927
Rockport High School (graduation) 1871-
Sandy Bay Breakwater Records 1839-1972
Sandy Bay Pier Company 1833-1943
Sandy Bay Wharf Book 1769-1797
Second Congregational Church Records 1855-1868
Temperance and Moral Society Records 1841-1866

Papers of Families and Individuals

David F. Babson Papers 1917-1919
Harrison Cady Papers 1956-1963
Caldwell Family Letters 1806-1911
Allen Chamberlain Papers 1935-1940
Ebenezer Cleaveland Papers 1773-1805
Gaffney Family Papers 1789-1891
Gale Family Papers 1826-1905
Gott Family Papers 1756-1868
Haskell Family Papers 1712-1835
Azor Knowlton Papers 1810-1849
Henry Low Letters 1860-69
Manning Family Papers 1786-1890
John White Marshall Papers 1839-1883
Edith Mills Collection 1698-1982
Ebenezer Pool Papers 1839-1878
Pool Family Papers 1761-1864
Rowe Family Papers 1766-1844
Joshua Tarr Papers 1841-1866

Additional General Collections

Account books
Artist sketch books
Church records (photocopies)
Commonplace books
Family Bibles
Military enlistment records – Civil War
Town reports
Vital records (photocopies)


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