Documentary Resources


REVISED October 2006



I. Documentary (Primary Source) Records
A. Town Records
1. Annual Reports
2. Selectmen’s Records
3. Town Meeting Records
4. Tax and Valuation Records
5. Vital Records
6. Voter Registration Records
7. Historical Commission and Historic District Commission Records
8. Miscellaneous Town Records
B. Business Records
C. Church Records
1. First Baptist Church
2. First Congregational Church
3. Pigeon Cove Chapel
4. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
5. Unitarian Universalist Society
6. Miscellaneous Church Records
D. Deeds and Land Records
E. Library Records
F. Military Records
G. Personal and Family Records
H. School Records
I. Social and Community Organization Records

II. Newspapers and Periodicals

III. Secondary Sources
A. Monographs and Articles
B. Genealogies
C. Directories and Reports
D. Compiled Bibliographies, Guides and Research


Locations of resources are referenced by the following abbreviations:
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FBC – First Baptist Church
FCC – First Congregational Church
PCC – Pigeon Cove Chapel
RPL – Rockport Public Library
S- Selectmen’s Office
SBHS – Sandy Bay Historical Society
SMEC – St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
TC – Town Clerk’s Office
UUS – Unitarian Universalist Society


Town Records

Annual Town Reports

Town Reports, Rockport and Gloucester 1838-1848 (TC) Original printed broadsides, rolled.

Town Reports for Gloucester and Rockport, pamphlets 1838-1872 (TC)
Town Reports, 24 bound volumes 1841-1991 (TC)
Multiple years in each volume. Earlier years contain actual printed reports, trimmed and bound to fit volume. Volume 1 (1841-1875) also includes Report of the Number of Men Furnished by the Town of Rockport for the Army and Navy during the Rebellion, 1861-1865

Town Reports – Calvin Pool’s bound copies (30 volumes), 1861-1900 (TC)

Town Reports: 1841-1874 (bound volume), 1875-1884 (bound volume), 1877-1905, 1907-1908, 1911, 1916, 1919-1920, 1922-1957, 1959-present (SBHS)

Town Reports: 1849-51, 1853, 1854 (2), 1878 (2), 1876-1882, 1883 (2), 1894-1901, 1903-1910, 1912-1931, 1933-1990 (multiple copies after 1950) (RPL)

Auditors Reports: 1842, 1848, 1851-1852, 1854-1856, 1858-1860, 1862, 1864, 1867-1868, 1875 (in one bound volume) (SBHS)

Advisory Committee/Finance Committee Reports (pamphlets) 1922-1964 (TC)

Advisory/Finance Committee Reports (6 bound vols.) 1925-1990 (TC)

Selectmen’s Records

Board of Selectmen’s Records (previously bound), 1850-1861 (TC)

Board of Selectmen’s Records (40 bound volumes), 1862-1875, 1887-1896 1903-1990 (S)
Contains meeting minutes, memoranda, agreements and numerous newsclippings

Selectmen’s Records – adopted regulations and policies, 1973-1981 (S)
Includes memos, notices and correspondence

Selectmen’s Records concerning Electric Co. (2 volumes) 1916-1956 (TC)
Includes surveys

Correspondence with Board of Health (10 letter boxes), 1934-1936 (S)

Misc. Boxes of Records, ca. 1965-1987 (S)
including Pigeon Cove Wharf, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Police, Licenses, Dog Hearings, Thacher’s Island, Town Memorial Clock papers, land purchased by town, papers relating to Motif #1 (1978) and Bicentennial meetings.

Town Meeting Records

Committee on the Petition of William P. Burns and others (to set off Sandy Bay), 1839 (TC)
Unclear if this is original

Town Record Book, 1840-1867 (TC)
contains copy of petition to separate from Gloucester, warrants, town meeting records, elections, road records, deeds, jury lists, etc.

Town Meeting Records, 29 bound volumes, 1868 -1999 (TC)
Contains warrants, town meetings, and town and state elections. First two volumes labeled “Warrants” but contain more. Town Meeting records are written in the form of transcripts.

Town Meeting Records, Box 1, 1966-1979 (S)
Supporting documents including copies of warrants, committee reports, petitions, and correspondence.

Town Warrants (bound volumes), 1840-1884 (TC)

Town Warrants (loose manuscripts) 1937-1970 (TC)

Temporary Town Records, 1840-1859 (TC)
“in which the minutes of Town Meetings are entered and afterwards recorded into the folio” by William Pool, Town Clerk

Transcript of Records Relating to Town of Rockport, from records at Gloucester
and Salem, 1642-1857 transcribed by Sumner D. York (TC, RPL)

Transcripts of town meeting records, typed, in folders (TC)

Tax and Valuation Records

Tax Book, 1754 (TC)
original manuscript showing polls and estates on Cape Parish, presented to town by Ebenezer Pool in 1857. Contains Pool’s notes and emendations. Document restored by Northeast Document Conservation Center in 1980 with a grant from Rotary Club.

Sandy Bay Parish Tax Lists, 1754 (typed photocopy) (RPL)

Sandy Bay Tax Lists, 1759, 1813, 1828-1829 (compiled by Marshall Swan) (SBHS)

Massachusetts & Maine Direct Tax Census, 1798, Roll #4 (microfilm) (RPL)

Tax Book, 1895 (mostly empty) (TC)

Tax Collector’s Report, 1897 (typed photocopy) (RPL)

Assessors’ Records (bound volumes), 1861 – present (S)

Assessors’ Records (bound volumes and loose manuscripts), 1951-present (S)
Poll taxes, property maps, abatement records, personal property

Valuation Reports, 1957-1958 (TC)

Town of Rockport Revaluation Committee. Valuation Reports for 1957-1958, 1958 (RPL, SBHS)

Town of Rockport Board of Assessors. Revaluation Report. Rockport, 1967 (RPL, SBHS)

Vital Records

Birth Certificates, 30 vols., 1858 – 1999 (TC)

Birth Certificate corrections and additions, c1894-1958 (TC)

Birth Record Notes, 1854-1866 (TC)
Series of small notebooks in loose-leaf binders, one for each year

Alphabetical list of Births (2 vols.), 1913-1918 (TC)

Marriage Intentions, Corrections, Parental Consent Book 1, 1869-1908 (TC)

Marriage Intentions (19 bound volumes), 1914-1999 (TC)

Marriage Certificates (25 bound volumes), 1841-1999 (TC)
First volume, 1841-1859 also contains marriage intentions

Marriage Records (bound volume, copied from another book), 1840-1908 (TC)

Marriage Record Index, 1840-1908 (TC)
Index to bound volume

Minute Book for Marriages, 1840-1851 (TC)

Miscellaneous Marriage Records, 1920-1967 (TC)
Corrections, divorce decrees

Death Certificates, 32 bound volumes 1860-1999 (TC)

Death Certificates and corrections – folders and loose papers, some originals, 1871- (TC)

Physician’s Certificates (cause of death), 2 bound volumes 1860-1899 (TC)

Burial Permits 1945-1971 (TC)

Rockport Vital Records, 1840-1900 (5 vols on 26 microfiche) (RPL)
Births, Marriages, Deaths

“Rockport Baptisms 1755-1808” Essex Antiquarian, Oct. 1898 (RPL)

Manning, John. “Day Book, 1807-1814” (5th parish births, typed copy)

Voter Registration and Election Records

Register of Voters, 1877 -1880, 1884-1974 (bound volumes) (TC)

Voter Registration Cards (deceased) from 1920s on (TC)

Election Record Books, Precinct I (3 volumes) 1894-1911, 1930-1972 (TC)
Contain handwritten warrants, election results, copies of ballots pasted in, for town, state and national elections.

Election Record Book, Precinct 2 (3 volumes) 1894-1916, 1924-1978
Contain handwritten warrants, election results, copies of ballots pasted in, for town, state and national elections.

Board of Registrars Records, 1930-1938 (TC)
Meeting records, “for the purpose of registering voters.”

Historical Commission and Historic District Commission Records

Preliminary Report, Proposed Historic Districts, Rockport (July 1976) (TC)

Final Report on Proposed Historic Districts, Rockport (Dec. 1976) by Historic District Study committee, 2 copies (TC, RPL)

Preliminary Report, Downtown Historic District, Rockport (Sept. 1980) (TC)

Final Report, Downtown Historic District, Rockport (Dec. 1980) (TC, RPL)

Rockport House Survey, Massachusetts Historical Commission (1980-1981) (TC)

Preliminary Report on Proposed Broadway Historical District, Rockport (October, 1982) (TC)

Final Report on Proposed Broadway Historical District, Rockport (February, 1983) (TC, RPL)

Additions to Report on Proposed Historic Districts, Rockport (April 1989) (RPL)

Historic Property Surveys of King and Granite Sts. (1996) (RPL)

See also Personal Papers – Lura Phillips Collection (RPL)
Contains information on Historical Commission survey and applications; research on historic Rockport streets, houses and properties.

Misc. Town Records

By-Laws of the Town of Rockport, 1840, 1933 (TC)

Census of the North Village, May 1840 (TC)
Located with Papers of the Sandy Bay Pier Co.

Town Deeds, Vol. 1 1825-1931 (deeds held by town) (TC)

Overseers of the Poor Records, (mss., originally bound), 1840-1868 (TC)

Mortgage Records, 10 bound volumes, date unknown (currently inaccessible)

Road Records – book of typewritten copies from town records, c1851-1930 (TC)

Record of Alien Passengers Arriving in Rockport, 1851-1854 (TC)

Notice of Applications for Naturalization, 1887-1900 (bound vol.) (TC)

Book of Licenses (4 bound volumes) 1905-1955 (TC)
Licenses for junk dealers, sellers, common victuallers, innholders, hawkers, peddlers and used car sales. Volume 1 also contains selectmen’s contracts with utility companies.

Business Certificates (filed under Chapter 539, Acts of 1907), bound volume, poor condition, 1908-1958 (TC)

Street lists, 3 bound volumes, 1938-1990 (TC)

Board of Public Works Records, (6 volumes), 1932-1968 (S)

Sandy Bay Breakwater Records, 1886-1905 (SBHS Archives)

Rockport Fire Department Records, 1807-1890 (SBHS Archives)

Early Massachusetts Records, Town of Gloucester, Volumes 1–35 (microfilm, 5 rolls) (RPL)

Business Records

Account Books, 1815-1897 (2 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Includes store accounts, mackerel packing and farm labor, fish peddlers, carpenters and postmasters.

Bradley Brothers, (Bradley Wharf) Bearskin Neck (7 boxes), 1852-1888 (SBHS Archives)
Includes ships papers, stock and account books, bills and receipts, insurance policies, crew manifests, deeds, and estate documents

Cape Ann Granite Company Records (SBHS Archives)
Includes deeds, mortgages, correspondence and legal documents

Folly Cove Design notebook, teaching materials, patterns, principles of design. (SBHS)

Pigeon Cove Pier Company, Laws and Regulations, c1824 (bound volume) (SBHS Archives)

Pigeon Hill Granite Company Records, 1914-1925 (SBHS Archives)
Includes legal and tax documents, deeds, vessel documents, correspondence.

Rockport Granite Company Records, 1864-1927 (3 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Includes account books, bills, ships papers, time and boarding books, correspondence, leases and store inventories.

Rockport Granite Company Collection, compiled by Barbara Erkilla (SBHS)
photos, brochures, articles, advertisements in blue binder

Rockport Granite Company Collection, compiled by Elizabeth Tarr (SBHS)
brochures, photos showing where granite went, in white binder

Sandy Bay Pier Company, Acts of Incorporation and By-Laws, 1811 (TC)
(2 copies, bound booklets, one signed by Loring Grimes, one by Calvin Pool)

Sandy Bay Pier Company Records, 1833-1943 (SBHS Archives)

Sandy Bay Wharf Book, 1769-1797 (SBHS Archives)

Schooner “Banner” Records – Edith Mills Collection, 1831-1863 (SBHS Archives)
6 account books, miscellaneous papers.

Church Records

First Baptist Church

Church Record Books

Baptist Church Book, 1808-1839 (FBC)
5 pages, miscellaneous early church records

Baptist Meeting House Expense Book and Record of the Proprietors or Pew Owners Meetings, 1808-1861 (FBC, SBHS-photocopy)
Record of purchases for building Baptist meeting house kept by Ebenezer Pool , Jr. (1808); account of pew owners (1818); and plan of meeting house and pews, including 1836 alterations.

“First Book of Church Records” 1808 – September 1844 (FBC)
Brief church history, meeting records, treasurer’s notes, list of members

“Second Book of Church Records of the Baptist Church of Rockport”, April 1845 – April 1867. (FBC)
Brief history, articles of faith and covenant (1835), lists of church members, baptisms

Records of the First Baptist Church of Rockport #1, 4 April 1861-2 Dec. 1892 (FBC)
This and the following two books contain: lists of pastors, deacons and members;
Annual, covenant and business meeting records
Committee meetings and reports
Requests for baptisms and memberships
Other church business – pew deeds, resolutions, constitution and by-laws
Copies of correspondence to Salem Baptist Association

Records of the First Baptist Church of Rockport #2, 12 Feb. 1893 – 28 March 1911 (FBC)

Records of the First Baptist Church of Rockport [#3], October 1911 – December 1956 (FBC)

Treasurers’ Records (8 bound ledger volumes) 1868-1976 (FBC)

Legal and Financial Records

First Constitution of Baptist Church 30 March 1808 (FBC)

Deed from pew owners to Trustees of Baptist Church 1 July 1866 (with survey of land) (FBC)

General Plan of Old Commons and Baptist Church Land, by Francis Howard, Architect, n.d. (c. 1950s?) (FBC)

Church Histories

Time Capsule (Tin Box) – 1855 – 1908 (FBC)
According to Record Book #1, “When the present church building was dedicated in 1867 an address and other documents, photographs, ;etc. were deposited in a tin box and directed to the Baptists of Rockport in 1908 and 1958. The box is in the care of the Clerk or Treasurer.” Contains copies of local newspapers, anniversary programs, correspondence, printed sermons, church histories, and photographs.

Blue scrapbook with photos, 1892-1980 (FBC)
Photos of church members, chapel dedication (14 March 1924), sanctuary rededication (1975), removal of old bell (18 March 1980)

Ventres, Ernest E. “Historical Sketch of the First Baptist Church, Rockport” , 1932 (FBC)

Coe, Henry D. “Outline of the History of the 1st Baptist Church, Rockport MA for years 1932, 1958”, 1958 (FBC)

Church History and Directory, 1974 (FBC)

Records of Associated Organizations

Baptist Sabbath School Records, 1877 (FBC)

Records of the Friendship League (FBC)
a) Treasurer’s Records (5 bound volumes): 1949-1985
b) Minute Book/ Clerk’s Records (bound volume, typed) 1972-1976
c) Report of Activities (2 bound volumes), 1974-1976

First Congregational Church

Church Record Books

Register “Records of the 5th Church in Gloucester, 10 February 1755-1834 (FCC, RPL-microfilm, SBHS-photocopy)
Account of Rev. Cleaveland’s army service, church accounts (1755-1780, 1805-1807), baptisms (1759-1808), marriages (1755-1997, 1805-1834), and deaths (1755-1799)

Register of Marriages 1805-1884 (FCC, RPL-microfilm, SBHS-photocopy)

Register of Baptisms 1836-1883 (FCC, RPL – microfilm, SBHS-photocopy)

Register of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths 1891-1925 (FCC, RPL-microfilm, SBHS-photocopy)
With historical entries dating from 1725 (entries incomplete)

Parish Record Books

Parish Book, 1752-1794 (FCC)
Meeting minutes

Records of 5th Parish of Gloucester, 1752-1858 (FCC, SBHS-photocopy)
Meeting records, accounts, committee records

Parish Book 1859-1925 (FCC)
Meetings, accounts, parish records

Parish meeting warrant, 20 February 1836 (FCC)

Record of Members of the 5th Parish 1805-1857 (FCC, SBHS-photocopy)

Treasurer’s Records, 5th Parish (“Memorandum Book for 5th Parish”), 1783-1855 (FCC)

Treasurer’s Records, 1816-1852 (partially filled bound volume) (FCC)

Account Book “Ministerial Funds,” 1825-1846 (FCC)

Miscellaneous Records

Church records (in white box) 1805-1837 (FCC)
Meetings, membership lists, copies of covenants of 1756, 1835, and 1857, sermons of Rev. Jewett (mss.) Historical notes

Binder (documents in plastic) “Papers Concerning the Construction of the New Meeting House 1804: Gift of the Universalist Church, Gloucester” includes:
Contract for meetinghouse construction, 1803
Sandy Bay valuation lists, 1803, 1810
Floor plan and list of pews, 1804
Covenant, 1802
Building contracts and other misc. documents, 1802-1821

Faith and Covenant of the First Congregational Church in Rockport, 1887, 1897 (FCC)

Membership list[?] – n.d. (19th century, alphabetical names) (FCC)

Cemetery records, n.d. (19th century, small soft-bound volume) (FCC)

Pew Deeds, 1807-1870 (SBHS Archives)

Ministers’ Records

Printed sermon of Ebenezer Cleaveland, 1773 (FCC)

Wakefield Gale Papers (1836-1902) (FCC)
1 archival box containing handwritten sermons of Wakefield Gale, correspondence, testimonial.

Sermons of Rev. Wakefield Gale 1839-1869 (mss., bound volume) (FCC)
Annual sermons

Sermon of Rev. Wakefield Gale, Reopening of Church, 1 Jan. 1840 (printed) (FCC)

“Historical sketches: Three Discourses by W. Gale” 10 July 1874 (printed) (FCC)

Rev. James Cooper’s Visiting List, 1870 (FCC)

Ainsworth, Rev. Israel. “Two Anniversary Discourses” 1907 (printed) (FCC)

Records of Associated Organizations

Sabbath School Records, May 1830-April 1866 (bound volume) (FCC)

Sunday School Book, 1830-1858 (FCC)
Attendance records

Records of the Ladies Sewing Circle (Missionary Society), 1836-1892 (3 volumes) (FCC)
Membership, by-laws and constitution, 1836-1857
Meeting records, 1836-1839
Meeting records, 1887-1892

Church Aid Society Records, 23 October 1912- 2 Feb. 1932

Church Histories

“Sunday School History” by Edith S. Stevens, Church Historian (typescript)

Ministers of the First Congregational Church Rockport (3 white binders) (FCC)
Contains lists of ministers, historical and genealogical notes on ministers, typed historical sketches, historical background material, copies of speeches or articles by or about ministers, newsclippings, original and scanned copies of photographs, printed memorials and obituaries, 19th and 20th c. programs and orders of exercises.

Pigeon Cove Chapel

Church Record Books

Record Book of the Society of the First Church of Christ, Pigeon Cove 1874-1917 (PCC)
Membership list, meeting record book

Church Record book, 1918 -1999 (PCC)
Membership list (alphabetical), infant baptisms or dedications, Register of Deacons, Register of Ministers, Marriages, Deaths

Legal and Financial Records

Agreement to pay debt of Pigeon Cove Chapel building, 2 documents, 1866 and n.d. (PCC)

Incorporation papers, 1950 (PCC)

Constitution and by-laws, 1947, 1959, 1977, 1980 (PCC)

Treasurer’s ledgers, 1902-1912, 1919 (PCC)
Pastor and Treasurer’s Reports, 1926-1927 (PCC)

Financial reports for 1942, 1946-1956 (PCC)
Wills and bequests, 1956-1978 (PCC)

Miscellaneous Records

Membership records, 1861 (PCC)

Membership records, 1876-1932 (typed) (PCC)

Annual Reports, 1913, 1952-2000 (PCC)
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1857-1966 (PCC)
Includes letter about the start of the Sabbath Day School (1857), letters written by Samuel Locke Samson while vacationing in Mount Vernon, NH (1907), letters by R.M. Peacock while vacationing in Milton, NH, letters from A. H. Pingree while vacationing in France and Switzerland, letter from Pingree Norwood regarding a donation for the organ fund, and letter from the Rockport Selectmen stating that the Pigeon Cove Chapel has first refusal to purchase the Pigeon Cove Fire Station, if it is ever sold (September 1966)

Church bulletins, 1953-1969 (PCC)

“Chapel Echoes” newsletter 1965- Nov. 1971 (PCC)

Sunday School Records

1st Record Book of Pigeon Cove Congregational Sunday School, 1857-1860 (PCC)

North Village Union Sabbath School records 1862-1871,1889-1890 (PCC)
Exhibition program, North Village Union Sabbath School, 1866 (PCC)

Catalogue of Chapel Sunday School Library, March 1885 (PCC)

Ledger from the Congregational Sunday school, 1917 (PCC)
Ledger from the Federated Sunday school, 1924 (PCC)

Church Histories

Newspaper article, history of church “3rd Congregational Pigeon Cove” by O.E. S., n.d. (PCC)

“Brief history of Pigeon Cove Chapel, ” 1948 (PCC)

“A Rambling History of the Pigeon Cove Chapel” by Esther H. Story, 1977 (PCC)

Handwritten history of church, n.d. (PCC)


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

Church Record Books

Church Records and Parish Register (bound volume), 1872-1905 (SMEC)
Baptisms, marriages and burials, newsclippings, 1892 list of subscribers, a history of the parish from 1872 to 1892, by-laws, a record of services, and annual meeting minutes.

Parish Registers (8 bound volumes), 1905 – present (SMEC)
Baptisms, marriages and burials, confirmations (1965 – present), communicants (1972 – present)

Legal and Financial Records

Deeds, incorporation papers, mortgages and other legal documents (SMEC – off-site)

Gifts and Memorials Book, 1888-1971 (SMEC)

Treasurer’s Reports, 1957-1958 (SMEC)

Miscellaneous Records

Vestry Minutes, 1957 – present (SMEC)

Parish annual meeting records, 1961 – present (SMEC)

Rector’s Annual Reports, 1946-1963 (SMEC)

Building Committee Records, 1959-1968 (SMEC)

Parochial Reports, 1958-1978 (SMEC)

Church fairs, 1940-1969 (SMEC)

Stained glass windows (binder with notes, correspondence) (SMEC)
(additional information can be found in Charles J. Connick collection at Boston Public Library – correspondence, clippings, contracts, blueprint of church)

Records of Associated Organizations

St. Mary’s Guild Records – 1949-1969
Meeting minutes, committee reports, correspondence, financial reports, constitution and by-laws, parishioners list, guild members list, newsclippings

St. Mary’s Girls Friendly Society Records, 1930

Junior Church Board Records, 1957-1963

Unitarian Universalist Society

Church Record Books and Papers

Church Record Book A, 1821 (SBHS)
first subscribers, meeting minutes, member’s lists, withdrawals and other church business (bound volume)

Universalist Benevolent Society, 1821-1826 (SBHS)
meetings and financial records (bound volume, only 11 pages used)

Record Book of the Universalist Society of Rockport, 1842-1916 (SBHS)
church compact and constitution, list of ministers, baptisms (1866-67), deaths and burials (1850-1885), christenings (1914-1916) and other records (bound volume)

Records of the First Universalist Parish of Rockport, 1883-1926 (SBHS)
annual meeting minutes, treasurer’s reports, member’s lists (1912) (bound volume)

Parish Meeting Records and Reports, 1927-1997 (31 folders) (UUS)
Annual meetings, special meetings, warrants, and reports of treasurer, ministers and committees

Board of Trustees Meeting Records (bound volume), 1905-1926 (SBHS)

Board of Trustees Meeting Records, 1936-1984 (18 folders) (UUS)

Steeple Repair Committee Records, 1931, 1940-1941 (UUS)

Building Committee Records, 1962-1982 (2 folders) (UUS)

Legal and Financial Records

Church By-laws, n.d. (UUS)

Deeds, 1881-1946 (2 folders) (UUS)

Mortgage Records, 1875-1976 (4 folders) (UUS)

Bequests, 1936-1983 (4 folders) (UUS)
Correspondence, wills, receipts

Financial Records – Account Book, April 1921-February 1941 (UUS)

Budgets and Financial Reports, 1930-1981 (UUS)

Misc. Financial Records, 1951-1983 (UUS)

Clerk’s Records

Church Correspondence, 1930-1984 (11 folders) (UUS)

Membership Transferrals, 1940-1984 (2 folders) (UUS)

Notebook of Church Activities, February-April 1947 (UUS)

Records of Associated Organizations

Sunday School Records – Records of Attendance, 1931-1933 (UUS)

Murray League Records, 1937-1992 (20 folders) (UUS)

Voyagers’ Records, 1965-1968 (2 folders) (UUS)

Miscellaneous Church Records

Gloucester Third Parish Book of Records, 1728-1875) (SBHS Archives – photocopy)

Methodist Episcopal Church Treasurer’s Records, 1873-1880 (SBHS Archives)

Second Congregational Society Records 1855-1869 (brown binder) (FCC)
Meetings and accounts

Second Congregational Society Treasurer’s Records, 1855-1868 (SBHS Archives)

Deeds and Land Records

Granite Company Deeds, 1831-1929 (SBHS Archives)

Deeds, Edith Mills Collection, c1800-c1870 (2 boxes) (SBHS Archives)

Sandy Bay/Rockport Deeds, 1733-1931(3 boxes) (SBHS Archives)

Pigeon Cove Deeds, 1705-1881 (SBHS Archives)

Miscellaneous Deeds, 1714-1869 (SBHS Archives)

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Town of Rockport, Reel 37 (microfilm) (RPL)

Library Records

Rockport Public Library Archival Records, 1871-1982 (RPL)
a) Account book, 1871-1905
b) Library Building Committee Records, 1904-1910
c) Library Trustees – check stubs 1902-1907
d) Annual Bulletin of the Rockport Public Library: 1931, 1933-1935, 1937.
e) Circulation notebooks (4) November 1935-June 1940, July 1945-October 1949, November 1949- February 1953, March 1953-December 1956, 1963-1968.
f) Accession records 1908-1982

Military Records

Edith Mills Collection – Militia Papers, 1816-1840 (SBHS Archives)
Contains papers relating to the 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade of the Massachusetts Militia, including a Brigade and Regimental Orders Book (1818-1840), orders, and returns.

Company of Mechanic Riflemen [Militia] Records, 1839-1844 (SBHS Archives)

Report of Number of Men Furnished by Town . . . 1861-1865 (TC)
Located with Papers of the Sandy Bay Pier Co.

Record of Soldiers and Officers in the Military Service [Civil War] bound volume (SBHS Archives)

John White Marshall Papers – Civil War Enrollment Book, 1863-1864 (SBHS Archives)

WW I Military Service Records, cards in a box (filed alphabetically) 1917-1919 (TC)

WW II Military Service Records, cards in a box (filed alphabetically) 1941-1945 (TC)

Mass. State Guard, Unit #17 Records, 1916-1961 (SBHS Archives)

Personal and Family Papers

Babson, David F. World War I Papers, 1917-1919 (SBHS Archives)
Includes correspondence and diaries.

Cady, Harrison. Papers, 1955-1963 (SBHS Archives)
Includes correspondence with Morris Sanders, notes, sketches and biographical information.

Caldwell Family Correspondence, 1806-1911 (3 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Includes letters from William junior, Lucius P. and Sylvester G. Caldwell to their mother, letters to Eliza (Goss) Caldwell from John Rogers, and letters between other Caldwell family members.

Chamberlain, Allen. Papers, ca. 1935-1938 (2 boxes)(SBHS Archives)
Contains material used for his book Pigeon Cove and Its Early Settlers, 1940,including copies of deeds and maps, notes, correspondence, and genealogical information

Cleaveland, Ebenezer. Papers, 1773-1831 (SBHS Archives)
Includes correspondence, sermons, biography, war record, will, estate settlement of Lois Cleaveland, and Cleaveland family genealogies

Cooley, John L. Manuscript, Harrison Cady Biography (SBHS Archives)

Gaffney, Joseph D. B. Diary, 1889-1991 (SBHS Archives)

Gaffney, Michael. Account Books, 1789-1834 (SBHS Archives)

Gale Family Papers, 1826-1905 (3 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Includes correspondence of Rev. Wakefield Gale (1828-1883), Mary Gale Diaries, (9 volumes, 1826-1861), commonplace books, sermon books and church reports of Rev. Gale, Gale family genealogy.

Gott Family Papers, 1756-1868 (3 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Primarily the papers of John Gott, including deeds, shipping papers, accounts, an 1810 daybook, and estate papers. Also contains papers relating to Addison, Charles, Frederick, and Lemuel Gott

Gott, Lemuel, M. D. “Centennial address delivered at Rockport, MA “, January 2, 1854 (TC)
bound volume, appears to be the original. Labeled #75. May have been given to the town by Ebenezer Pool.

Haskell Family Papers, 1712-1870 (SBHS Archives)
Papers of William, Joseph, Thomas and Dr. Benjamin Haskell, including deeds, correspondence, a temperance lecture and writings on mental diseases.

Knowlton, Azor. Papers, 1810-1849 (SBHS Archives)
Includes 6 almanacs with “notes on Sandy Bay happenings” (1813-1849) and account book (1810-1827)

Lowe, Henry. Civil War Papers, 1860-1869 (SBHS Archives)
Includes letters and a journal written while Lowe serves as a paymaster’s steward on the USS gunboat Penobscott off Wilmington, NC (1862)

Manning Family Papers, 1786-1888 (6 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Primarily the papers of Dr. John Manning, including his medical books, correspondence, accounts, papers relating to the Fifth Parish meetinghouse (1794-1826), account books, deeds, a series of day books, and estate papers. Other family members represented in the collection include James Manning, Dr. Joseph Manning, William Manning, Charles Bolles Manning and John Manning Waldoborough.

Marshall, John White. Papers, 1839-1888 (SBHS Archives)
Includes Civil War papers, appointments, and notes on the history of Rockport

Mills, Edith. Collection, 1766-1997 (7 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Contains personal papers, handwritten reminiscences, and a collection of historical documents including numerous Rockport deeds, genealogical papers of the Gott and Pool families, and papers relating to the 2nd regiment, 1st brigade of the Massachusetts Militia (1816-1840).

Phillips. Lura. Collection. (35 boxes), 1810-1991 (RPL)
Includes correspondence and personal papers; Hall family papers; genealogical research for Tarr, Pool, Stevens, Norwood and other Rockport families; the genealogical research papers of Annie Rowe; research on Rockport’s historic streets, houses and properties; research on early Rockport industries; and records relating to the Rockport Historical Commission, Rockport Historic Districts Commission, Sandy Bay Historical Society, Millbrook Meadow committee, Rockport Garden Club, and Rockport Art Association.

Pool Family Bible, 1822 (FBC)
Presented by Francis Norwood to his daughter Mrs. Jerusha Kinsman in 1823 as a marriage present. Contains Pool family records.

Pool Family Papers, 1761-1873 (2 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Correspondence, wills, deeds, and estate papers of John Pool, Francis Pool, Aaron Pool, Winthrop Pool, Caroline S. Poole, William H. Poole, and Ebenezer Pool.

Pool, Ebenezer. Papers, 1839-1878 (2 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Includes a manuscript history of Rockport in 5 notebooks, historical notes contained within a series of 8 envelopes labeled A-H, a history of the Baptist Church, a ledger book, receipts, accounts and an estate inventory.

Pool, Ebenezer.The Pool Papers, Vols. I – V 1822-1870 (RPL, SBHS)
Typed transcript, with separate index. Original is in Ebenezer Pool Papers in SBHS Archives. (also in microfilm, RPL)

Pool, Ebenezer. Papers, 1847-1871 (FBC)
Includes day book containing business and personal accounts (1847-1849), and 2 volumes of sermons compiled by Pool (1851-1871)

Rowe Family Papers, 1760-1845 (SBHS Archives)
Includes wills, deeds, estate papers, tax bills of various family members, and the account book of Major John Rowe.

Tarr, Jabez junior. Maritime Customs Record Book, 1830-1838 (SBHS Archives)

Tarr, Joshua Truman. Business Papers, 1878-1890 (SBHS Archives)

School Records

School Books: Arithmetic, Writing, Navigation, 1786-1853 (3 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Includes books of Francis Tarr, William Tarr, Jonathan Parsons, Asa Tarr, James Gott, Peggy Tarr, James Story, Ebenezer Oakes and William Grover, largely undated.

Records of Proprietors’ School House, 1797-1854 (SBHS Archives)

Clerk’s Records of School District No. 5, 1825-1856 (few entries) (SBHS Archives)

School Committee Reports: 1841, 1844, 1848-1853, 1855-1861, 1863-1882 (SBHS)

Rockport High School Graduation Programs, 1871- present (SBHS Archives).

Rockport High School Yearbook, 1918 (photocopy) (SBHS)

Rockport High School. Rocks and Pebbles (Yearbook): 1940, 1948, 1956, 1958-1962, 1964-1974, 1977, 1979-1985, 1987-1991, 1994-2001 (RPL)

Social and Community Organization Records

GAR, Otis W. Wallace Post Records, 1887-1928 (3 boxes) (SBHS Archives)
Includes applications, meeting record books, reports, bills, and papers relating to GAR Memorial Hall, Rockport

Gloucester Fire Club Records, 1766-1801 (photocopy) (RPL)

Moral Reform Society Records, 1839-1846 (SBHS Archives)

Rockport Art Association. Recchia Statue (Baby and Frog Statue), notebook of photos, correspondence, newsclippings, (compiled by Lura Phillips,1984) (SBHS)

Rockport Garden Club Records, 1937-2004 (RPL)
Includes yearbooks (1942-2004), annual reports (1970-2003), correspondence, awards and certificates, project files and Millbrook meadow scrapbook.

Rockport Improvement Society Records, 1892-1910 (SBHS Archives)

Rockport Women’s Club Records, 1914-1987 (RPL)
Includes record books and board meeting minutes (1914-1969), annual reports and treasurer’s reports (1937-1951, 1965-1967), yearbooks (1939, 1945-1979), financial records, correspondence and scrapbooks.

Sandy Bay Historical Society Records, 1926-1962 (SBHS Archives)

Society for the Suppression of Intemperance and Other Vices, Records, 1815-1829 (SBHS Archives)

Sons of Temperance, Pigeon Hill Division Records, 1861-1866 (SBHS Archives)

Sons of Temperance, Rockport Division Records, 1861-1862 (SBHS Archives)

Veterans Memorial Hall Association Records, 1894-1920 (SBHS Archives)
Includes meeting and treasurers records

Village Improvement Society, Minutes of Meetings 1889–1977 (microfilm) (RPL)

Washingtonian Temperance Society of Rockport Records, 1841-1848 (SBHS Archives)

See also Personal Papers – Lura Phillips Collection (RPL)
a) Sandy Bay Historical Society
b) Millbrook Meadow Committee
c) Rockport Art Association
d) Rockport Garden Club


Bicentennial Times – 1976 (RPL)

Boston Globe – 9 February 1976, 11 July 1976, 9 February 1978 (RPL)

Cape Ann Advertiser,
January 1858-December 1900 (microfilm, 11 rolls) (RPL)
July-Sept. 1881 (selected issues) (RPL)
April 1873-November 1894 (selected issues) (SBHS)

Cape Ann Bulletin. (selected issues from 28 April 1880 to 11 Sept. 1886) (SBHS)

Cape Ann Light. (selected issues from September 24, 1870 to June 21, 1873) (SBHS)

Cape Ann Shore: a magazine devoted to the interests of the summer colony of Cape Ann and the North Shore. (13 August 1927, 9 July 1930). (SBHS)

Cape Ann Summer Sun (section of GDT) July 11, 18, 25, August 1 and 29, 1952.(SBHS)

Gloucester Daily Times,
January 1900 – December 1911 (microfilm, 28 rolls) (RPL)
10-13 July 1976, 8 April 1977, 7-14 February 1978 (blizzard) (RPL)
21 January, 7-14, 25 February 1978 (blizzard) (SBHS)

Gloucester Magazine. Vol. 1, no. 1-4 (1977); Vol. 2, no. 1, 2, 4; Vol. 3, no. 1, 2, 3; Vol. 4, no. 1 (Fall, 1981) (SBHS)

Gloucester Telegraph, December 1827-September 1876 (microfilm, 14 rolls) (RPL)

The Gull, 1973 (RPL)

The North Shore Breeze and Reminder. (22 July 1927, 29 July 1932) (SBHS)

Rockport Anchor (bound issues) 1950-1985 (RPL)

Rockport Bandstand, 1976-78, 1981-84 (RPL)

Rockport Eagle,
1970-1973, 1974 (RPL)
15 Jan. 1970 – 12 Sept. 1974 (Vols. 1-4) (SBHS)

Rockport Gleaner.
selected issues from March 1872 to December, 1882 (SBHS)
December 1874 (poor condition) (TC)

Rockport Horizon, 1978 (RPL)

Rockport Light. Vol. 1, no. 1 (August 7, 1980) and vol. 1, no. 2 (August 15, 1980) (RPL, SBHS)

Rockport Rag
20 April 1931-14 September 1931 (selected issues) (SBHS)
June-July 1948 (photocopies) (RPL)

Rockport Review. (selected issues from 10 December 1891 to 24 November 1917.)

Rockport Volunteer. Vol. 65, no. 17. (week ending 5 August 1965) (SBHS)

Rockport Weekly. Vol. 1, no. 1 (2 March 2 1928) to no. 11 (18 May 1928)


Monographs and Articles

Adams, Herbert B. Village Communities of Cape Ann and Salem from the Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, July and Aug. 1883, (SBHS)

Along the Old Roads of Cape Ann. Gloucester, 1923. (RPL, SBHS)

Ambler, Edward V. Know Cape Ann the Garden Spot of the Atlantic, 1931 (RPL, SBHS)

Babson, John J. History of the Town of Gloucester Cape Ann, Including the Town of Rockport. Gloucester, 1860, 1972. (RPL, SBHS)

Babson, John J. Notes and Additions to the History of the Town of Gloucester, Gloucester, 1876, 1891. (RPL, SBHS)

Babson, Roger W. and Foster H. Saville. Cape Ann: a Tourist Guide. Gloucester, 1936, 1950. (RPL, SBHS)

Babson, Roger W. Dogtown: Gloucester’s Deserted Village. (Address by Roger Babson before Gloucester Rotary Club, Sept. 1927, see file cabinet) (SBHS)

Bartlett, Leslie D. Rockport Timeline: a Photo Essay Journey through Town Time, Sandy Bay Historical Society, 1999. (SBHS)

Beaton, Harold F. Rockport As It Was – A Book of Pictures, 1975, 1992. (RPL)

Brooks, Alfred Mansfield. Gloucester Recollected: A Familiar History. Edited Joseph Garland. Gloucester: 1974. (RPL, SBHS)

Brown, Mrs. C. Bruce, comp. The Story of the American Red Cross in Rockport, MA, 1917-1981.(RPL)

Chamberlain, Allen. Pigeon Cove: Its Early Settlers and their Farms, 1702-1840. Pigeon Cove: 1940 (also second edition, 1999) (RPL, SBHS)

Chamberlain, Allen and Thomas Williams. The Old Castle, Pigeon Cove, MA., 1939 (RPL, SBHS)

Chamberlain, Samuel. Gloucester and Cape Ann: Camera Impression. Hastings House, 1938. (SBHS)

Coe, Henry D. “Outline of the History of the 1st Baptist Church, Rockport MA for years 1932-1958”, 1958 (FBC)

Cooley, John. A Blacksmith Shop Grows Up: The Story of the Cape Ann Tool Company. Pigeon Cove, MA: 1966 (RPL, SBHS)

Cooley, John. The Granite of Cape Ann. Rockport, MA: 1974 (RPL, SBHS)

Cooley, John. Rockport Sketch Book: Stories of Early Art and Artists. Rockport, 1965.(RPL, SBHS)

Copeland, Melvin T. and Elliott C. Rogers. The Saga of Cape Ann. Freeport, ME: 1960. (RPL, SBHS)

Darcy, Jackie. The Treasure Chest, A Cape Ann Scrapbook, 1948. (RPL, SBHS)

Davies, Kristian. Artists of Cape Ann: a 150 Year Tradition. Rockport, MA, 2001 (RPL, SBHS)

Dresser, Thomas. Dogtown: A Village Lost in Time. Franconia, NH, 1995. (RPL)

Dunlap, Sarah V. The Jewish Community of Cape Ann: An Oral History. Gloucester, 1998. (RPL, SBHS)

D’vys, George Whitefield. On and Off Shore: or the Adventures of a Cape Ann Boy., Abingdon Press, 1914. (SBHS)

Erkkila, Barbara H. Hammers on Stone: The History of Cape Ann Granite. Gloucester, 1987.(RPL, SBHS)

The Fisheries of Gloucester from the First Catch by the English in 1623 to the Centennial year, 1876 (SBHS)

Fuller, Daniel. The Diary of the Rev. Daniel Fuller with his Account of his Family and other Matters. Written at Gloucester, c1775, and edited by his grandson, Daniel Fuller Appleton, DeVinne Press, 1894. (SBHS)

Garland, Joseph E. Guns off Gloucester. Gloucester, 1975 (RPL, SBHS)

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Gould, R. T. The Case for the Sea-Serpent. New York, 1934. (RPL, SBHS)

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McLane, Merrill F. Recollections of a Boyhood in a New England Town. (1922-1932), 1988. (RPL, SBHS)

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Marshall, John W. Sandy Bay as it was One Hundred Years Ago: Transcript of lectures delivered June 15, 1887. (RPL)

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Parsons, Eleanor C. Bearskin Neck, Rockport, 1743-2005, 2005. (RPL, SBHS)

Parsons, Eleanor C. Fish, Timber, Granite and Gold, 2003 (RPL, SBHS)

Parsons, Eleanor C. Hannah and the Hatchet Gang: Rockport’s Revolt against Rum. Canaan, NH, 1975. (RPL, SBHS)

Parsons, Eleanor C. Rockport – the Making of a Tourist Treasure, 1998. (RPL, SBHS)

Parsons, Eleanor C. Thachers – Island of the Twin Lights, 1985. (RPL, SBHS)

Parsons, Roy L. A Century of Banking: Rockport National Bank, 1865-1965 (pamphlet) (TC)

Pleasure Drives around Cape Ann, 1896. (SBHS)

Pringle, James R. (comp.) The Book of the 300th anniversary observance of the foundation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony at Cape Ann in 1623 and the 50th year of the incorporation of Gloucester as a city, 1924. (SBHS)

Pringle, James R. History of the Town and City of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Gloucester, 1892 (1997) (RPL, SBHS)

Procter, George H. The Fishermen’s Memorial and Record Book, Gloucester, 1873. (RPL, SBHS)

Procter, George H. The Fishermen’s Own Book, Gloucester, 1882. (RPL, SBHS)

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Ray, Waino. A Young Finn on Cape Ann, 1997. (RPL, SBHS)

Reed, Donald. From Land’s End to Folly Cove: Notes on the Origins of Rockport Names. Salem, 1978. (RPL)

Report of a Committee of the Linnaean Society of New England relative to a Large Marine Animal supposed to be a serpent seen near Cape Ann, Mass. In August, 1817. Boston, 1817 (RPL)

Reynolds, J. Peter Gott: the Cape Ann Fisherman. Boston, 1856 (RPL)

Robinson, F. J. G. Tragabigzanda or Cape Ann, 1935 (SBHS)

Rockport As It Was . . .a Book of Pictures, 1975. (SBHS)

Ronnberg, Erik A. R. Jr. Fish Bills, Fishing Schooners and Chebacco Boats (SBHS)

Ross, Martin E. A Geologic Tour of the Headlands, Rockport. Rockport, 1994 (RPL)

Runkle, Jim, comp. 100 Years of Sailing at Sandy Bay, 1885-1985. Rockport, 1985. (RPL)

Sandy Bay Harbor of Refuge, 1902. (RPL)

Saville, Marshall H. Champlain and his Landings at Cape Ann. 1605-1606., 1934. (SBHS)

Sesquicentennial Memorial Committee. 150 Years at St. Joachim’s Parish, Rockport, 1850-2000, 2000. (RPL)

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Tolford, Joshua, “Pictures by an ex-artist” unpublished manuscript about his early years in Rockport (1930s and 1940s) xeroxed copy. (SBHS)

Torrisi, Tony and Ned Cameron, comp. Rockport Nicknames, 1991 (file cabinet, SBHS)

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Genealogy of the Dennison Family from George Dennison, 1725, Cape Ann Bulletin, 1880 (SBHS)

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Ancestry of Edith Mills of Rockport, 1995.(SBHS)

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1997. (SBHS)

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. 1987. (RPL, SBHS)

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John Pool Family: list of his descendants, 1854 (photocopies) (SBHS)

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Tarr Family Genealogy (Mss. – typed genealogical notes) (RPL, SBHS)

Thacher, Elwood James. Thacher Family Genealogies (several booklets, 1976-1995) (RPL)

Wass, Walter P. Wass Family, 1995. (SBHS)

Mills, Ruth Wonson. George Marble Wonson, his Forbears and Descendants, 1716-1958, Gloucester, MA, 1958. (SBHS)

Wonson, J. F. 3rd. Wonson Genealogy, 1720-1948. (SBHS)

Wonson, Richard E. Wonson Family. (SBHS)

See also
Personal Papers – Lura Phillips Collection (RPL)
Contains genealogies and genealogical research for Tarr, Poole, Stevens, Norwood and other Rockport families. Also includes the genealogical research papers of Annie Rowe.

Vertical Files – Rockport Families (SBHS)

Directories and Reports

Cape Ann Summer Directory, 1911 (SBHS), 1912. (RPL)

Citizens for Rockport. Planning for the Future of Rockport: an Analysis of Community Needs and Recommendations for Action, prepared by Citizens for Rockport, with the assistance of the Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT, 1974. (RPL, SBHS)

Citizens for Rockport. Report on Rockport Community Survey, 1974. (RPL)

Community Planning Services, Rockport Planning Study Report, 1967. (RPL)

Gloucester Business Men’s Association manual, 1896 (SBHS)

Gloucester and Rockport Directory, 1875 #4. (SBHS)

The Gloucester Directory (including Rockport) 1860, 1870-71,1899-1900, 1902, 1919-1920, 1922-23, 1925-26, 1929-30, 1932-33, 1937-38, 1941-42, 1944, 1953-54, 1955-56, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967. (SBHS)

1932-33, 1944, 1948-49, 1951-52, 1953-54, 1955-56, 1957-58, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1965-1978, 1980, 1984, 1993 (RPL)

League of Women Voters. A Look at Rockport Schools. 1969-1972. (RPL)

New England Assoc. of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Evaluation of Rockport High School, Report of Visiting Committee, 1969. (RPL)

Rockport Art Association. Artists of the Rockport Art Association:
1940, 1946, 1956, 1964, 1970, 1980, 1990. (RPL)
1946, 1956, 1964, 1970, 1975-76 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1986, 1987 (SBHS)

Rockport Board of Trade, This is Rockport, n.d. (SBHS)

Rockport Central Area Study Report, 1967 (prepared by Community Planning Services, Boston, for Rockport Planning Board) (TC)

Summary Plan Report, 1967, for Rockport MA, prepared for the Rockport Planning Board by Community Planning Services, including a zoning map, proposed zoning changes, use regulations. (SBHS)

Who’s Who on Cape Ann, 1910 (SBHS)

Compiled Bibliographies, Guides and Research

Acts of Massachusetts Legislature pertaining to the Gloucester/Rockport coast,
rivers and wetlands, 1692/93
– 1885, prepared by Alexander McKenzie, Rockport 2001-2001 (251 pages) (SBHS)

Cameron, Myrtle L., comp. “Notes on Rockport and Gloucester” (RPL)
unpublished manuscript, historical notes from various sources.

Cameron, Myrtle L., comp. ” Introduction to Rockport Churches.” (RPL,
unpublished manuscript, historical notes from various sources

Gloucester Archives Comm. “Gloucester Mass. Town and City Record Guide” 1992. (RPL, SBHS)

Gloucester Archives Comm. “Cemetery Gravestone Inscriptions Vol. III – Folly Cove, Rockport”, 1995. (RPL)

Gloucester Archives Comm. “Addendum to Fishermen’s Memorial and Record Book – Deaths at Sea before 1873”, 1995. (RPL)

Gloucester Archives Comm. “Gloucester Names and Property of Early Settlers, 1642-1714/5” compiled from the First Volume of Town Records, 1995 (RPL)

Gloucester Archives Comm. “Lane’s Cove to Sandy Bay Land Grants, 1687/8” compiled from the First Volume of Town Records, 1995. (RPL)

Gloucester Archives Comm. “Indentured Children”, 1995 (RPL)

[Gott, Lemuel?] Extracts from Town Meeting Records, 1852-1860 (10 unbound volumes) (TC)
Handwritten records, historical research, perhaps by Lemuel Gott

Gott, Lemuel. “History of Cape Parish and Sandy Bay” ca. 1854-1857 (TC)
Manuscript research notes compiled by Gott. Bound but covers are missing.

“The Granite Industry on Cape Ann” – Brief History, Bibliography (RPL)

Karlberg, Britta. Dogtown, Cape Ann, MA: A guide to sources, (loose-leaf notebook), c2000. (SBHS)

Lainhart, Ann S., comp. 1855 and 1865 Massachusetts State Censuses for Rockport. Boston, 1987 (RPL)

McIntosh, Walter H. (comp.) Deaths at Sea: the port of Gloucester, 1983. (SBHS)

Old Parish Burial Grounds, Survey (Rockport Youth Commission), 1985, 3 vols. (SBHS)

Old Parish (5th Parish) Cemetery, listed by name, c.2000 (SBHS)

Parsons, Eleanor Research notes for “Nippers, Nightcaps and Needles”, concerning Pigeon Cove Circle, 1990 (SBHS)

Ray, Mary (comp.) Gloucester Mass. Historical Timeline, 1000-1999, Gloucester Archives Committee, 2002. (RPL, SBHS)

Sandy Bay Historical Society. Lists of Manuscripts, including Pigeon Cove Deeds, Bradley Papers, Rev. Wakefield Gale, Cape Ann Artists, Map Collection (c. 1985) (SBHS)

Ships Registers of the District of Gloucester, MA 1789-1875. Salem, 1944. (RPL)

Swan, Marshall W. S. (comp.) “Cleaveland papers: a collection of materials by and about Ebenezer Cleaveland, 1725-1805, assembled from sundry sources by his great-great-great-great grandson,” n.d. (SBHS)

Swan, Marshall W. S. (comp.) Indian Relics (misc. articles that support collection) (SBHS)

Vital Records of Gloucester, MA to the end of the year 1849. (RPL, SBHS)

Vital Records of Rockport, MA to the end of the year 1849 (RPL, SBHS)

See also Personal Papers – Lura Phillips Collection (RPL)
Contains research on historic Rockport houses, streets and properties, early Cape Ann history, early Rockport industries and other topics.



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